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Detective Comics #979

The Story After activating and releasing the OMACS on both Batman and the Colony, Ulysses is once again showing Tim the possible, horrific future events...

Detective Comics #972 Review

James Tynion IV brought another excellent story and the artwork of the series has been extraordinary.

Batwoman #9 Review

Witty dialogue, a unrelenting character with an iron will and great colorful art make for a really good book that no reader should miss.

Detective Comics #968 Review

A Lonely Place of Living continues this week in Detective Comics #968. In this series we are given the gift of Tim Drake’s return to DC Comics.

Detective Comics #967 Review

We have learned that Tim Drake is in fact not deceased. He is in the prison of Mr. Oz somewhere outside of time. Mr. Oz encourages Tim not to go back to the life that he so desperately wants to return to.

Red Hood and the Outlaws #15 Review

This story was frustrating. But not in a good way. In a very obnoxious way.

Detective Comics #960 Review

What is this all about? Though there is not much action, this week’s release of Detective Comics did not fail to deliver. I love the...

Detective Comics #959 – PopnComics

What is this all about? The stage is set years ago in Vegas. Zatanna finds Bruce Wayne brooding over his difficulty in mastering a sleight...

Batwoman #4 Review

The Review As a fan of the entire Bat-Family, I was truly hoping that this series was going to pick up. After three issues of...

Batwoman #3 Review

Kate Kane is digging deeper into The Many Arms of Death and is digging up some of her past along the way. With last...

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