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Batman #45 Review

Written by Tom King Pencils and Inks by Tony Salvador Daniel Color by Tomeu Morey Tony Daniel on Batman art! Hooray! Except wait...this is a bit boring,...

The Brave and The Bold: Batman and Wonder Woman #3

The Brave and The Bold: Batman and Wonder Woman #3 Matt Granberry Writer: Liam Sharp Artist: Liam Sharp Colors: Romulo Fajardo Jr Batman has joined Diana in Tir Na...

Batman White Knight #7

Writer/Artist: Sean Murphy Colorist: Matt Hollingsworth Letterer: Todd Klein This is the penultimate issue to this marvelous miniseries, and it doesn’t disappoint. This issue picks up the...

Justice League #41 Review

Script: Priest Art: Philippe Briones Colors: Jeromy Cox Spoilers ahead! First things first, if you think Red Lion looks rather familiar in this issue, you aren’t alone in...

Batman #43

BATMAN #43 --- 4 out of 10 Leafy green nonsense continues in Batman #43, new this week, and I can't say it is any better...

Batman #42 Review

Overall, this is a miss in the Batman run by Tom King. His unique and sometimes dazzling character studies (see Mister Miracle) do not work with Bruce Wayne or Poison Ivy. This chapter in the wedding engagement saga is not one I will likely ever go back to.

Batman #41 Review

As a part one to a story this is an intriguing opening. The payoff, hopefully, is worth the price of admission. At the very least this is a beautifully disturbed vision of obsession. Buy the ticket, take the ride...

Batman and The Signal #2 Review

This mini-series was one of the more eagerly anticipated titles spinning out of Metal. The delays between issues does not help, but the scope of Duke's powers and how he is connected to others that have also developed abilities should be enticing enough for you to forgive these long waits.

Batman #40 Review

As always the art is simply beautiful and worth a read for fans, but I'm not sold on the two episodes featuring Diana. This is a bit of a miss for me as a reader.

Detective Comics Annual #1

This annual was simply amazing. Definitely include this issue in your pull for the week. 

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