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Batman #40 Review

As always the art is simply beautiful and worth a read for fans, but I'm not sold on the two episodes featuring Diana. This is a bit of a miss for me as a reader.

Detective Comics Annual #1

This annual was simply amazing. Definitely include this issue in your pull for the week. 

‘Batman: Gotham by Gaslight’ Review

'Batman: Gotham by Gaslight' may not be for everyone and I'm sure some die hard fans will be crying foul, but it's a fun movie and if you're like me, you'll get exactly what you want to see. Batman and Jack the Ripper going toe to toe.

Detective Comics #973 Review

Detective Comics has been reliably fantastic. James Tynion IV brings so much depth to each of these individually unique characters and creates a dynamic between them that is splendidly attractive.

Super Sons #12 Review

The art is gorgeous throughout. Specifically, the way they capture Damian and Jonathan is attuned to the emotions they are feeling in the moment.

Batman #39 Review

The third part of the "Superfriends" arc in Batman arrives this week and it does not disappoint as Wonder Woman joins the party.

Trinity #17 Review

This is a pretty good start to a story that offers a bit of mystery, some pretty good action and great art that marrries all together in one nice package.

Detective Comics #972 Review

James Tynion IV brought another excellent story and the artwork of the series has been extraordinary.

Titans #19 Review

Titans #19 Written by: Dan Abnett Art by: Paul Pelletier Inks by: Andrew Hennessy The story opens with a postmortem of the recent Troia threat that concluded in...

Batman: Creature of the Night #2 Review

Batman: Creature of the Night #2Written by: Kurt Busiek Art, Colors and Cover by: John Paul Leon What a wonderful mini-series Creature of the Night is...