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The Flash #40 Review

The Flash #40 Written by, Joshua Williamson Art by, Carmine Di Giandomenico Colors by, Ivan Plascencia Letters by, Steve Wands Recap (Spoilers ahead) The issue begins with a large image...

The Flash #33 Review

The Flash and Steel defend a portal to the Dark Multiverse from the followers of Barbatos to preserve a way for Superman and Batman to return.

The Flash #32 Review

Barry must balance his personal life with his life as The Flash even as he's transferred to Central City’s worst prison.  

The Flash #31 Review

Barry learns that honesty is the first step to repairing relationships, and change requires hard work, but he doesn’t have to do it alone.

The Flash #30 Review

What is this all about? In this issue, Barry’s anger boils over and he almost severs ties with the CCPD and the people...

I Still Miss Wally West

I am a bit of late bloomer, comic book-wise. While most fans have a dead spot in their comic collecting/following/reading, their mid to late...

Teen Titans #8 Review

We are in part 2 of this 4 part series, Wally West is in shambles mentally after learning that his father was the reverse...

The Flash #21 Review

With Reverse Flash dead and Batman taking a beating, it's time for The Fastest Man Alive to do some investigation inside the Batcave. What will...

Batman #21: The Button Part One Review

The long awaited crossover event "The Button" has finally kicked off with Batman #21. This story arc is one of the most anticipated comic book events of the year, and will follow Batman and The Flash as they investigating the button Batman found in DC Comics Rebirth #1.

Titans Annual #1 – PopnComics

Titans Annual #1 has a lot going on, with a Mentors vs Protege's theme throughout the comic. Along with an isolation, horror movie feel...