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Aquaman #40 Review

Story by Dan Abnett and Rob Williams Pencils by Joe Bennett Inks by Vicente Cifuentes Colors by Adriano Lucas Variant Cover by Joshua Middleton Are you ready for the...

Suicide Squad #46 Review

Story by Rob Williams and Dan Abnett Art by José Luís Inks by Jordi Tarragona Colors by Adriano Lucas The third part of the Sink Atlantis arc is...

First Look at Jason Momoa as Arthur Curry in ‘Aquaman’

Our first official look at Jason Momoa as Arthur Curry in the upcoming 'Aquaman' film.

Aquaman #24 Review

Everything Aquaman has been through in Rebirth has led to the events of Aquaman #24. Abnett has written another compelling story that goes straight to the heart of who Arthur Curry is.

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