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Action Comics 1001 Review

Written by Brian Michael Bendis Art by Patrick Gleason Colors by Alejandro Sanchez Letters by Josh Reed The Man of Steel jumps into ACTION 1001 to take on...

Action Comics #997 Review

Action Comics #997 Written by, Dan Jurgens Pencils by, Brett Booth Inks by, Norm Rapmund Colors by, Andrew Dalhouse Letters by, Rob Leigh Recap The current story-arc began when Superman’s...

Blast From the Past Reviews: Action Comics #9

Action Comics #9 Cover Artist: Fred Guardineer Writer: Jerry Siegel Artwork: Jo Shuster  This issue is a direct follow on from issue 8, as the police hire a...

DC Comics Releasing ‘Action Comics #1000: 80 Years of Superman’ Companion Book

This year marks a major milestone in the world of comics—Action Comics will hit 1000 issues. Action Comics #1000 also marks 80 years of Superman;...

Blast From The Past Review: Action Comics #8

Overall the story is thrilling, mysterious and light-hearted and it makes you think twice about Superman’s ‘simplistic’ and ‘boring’ morality!

Blast From the Past Review: Action Comics #7

The story is simple, meaningful, genuine, and fun. The fact that the issues that come up in this story are still relevant is almost shocking, but it is amazing to see the creators of this try and successfully tackle it.

Blast From the Past Reviews: Action Comics #5

Action Comics #5 Cover Artist: Leo O’Mealia Writer: Jerry Siegel Artwork: Joe Shuster  The story starts with Perry White calling for Clark Kent to cover a world exclusive...

Blast From the Past Reviews: Action Comics #4

Overall the story is fun and innocent; however, I don’t think the storyline is the strongest, nor does it have any underlining morals within it.

Action Comics #992 Review

Superman struggles to make sense of Jor-El’s appearance and what it says about the kind of man Jor-El was

Blast From the Past Reviews: Action Comics #2

The second issue of the Action Comics series is much stronger than the first. It’s full of action from start to end, it shows more of Superman’s powers and abilities and it really leaves you wanting to see more of what this hero can do.

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