Supergirl #21: The Killers of Krypton Part 1 Review

Written by Marc Andreyko
Pencils Kevin Maguire
Inks Sean Parsons
Colored by FCO Plascencia

After last releasing on April 11th, Supergirl is finally back in publication, and I for one am ecstatic to see the girl of steel fly back into the panels after such a long four months away.

Starting off this new solo run, we join Kara Zor El directly after the events of “the Man of Steel” six part mini series, which featured Superman and Supergirl fighting a new threat Rogol Zaar, who had claimed to be the one responsible for the destruction of Krypton. After a tough fought battle that seemed impossible to win, it was Supergirl who elected to use the Phantom Zone projector on Rogol Zaar, but that wasn’t the victory Kara was seeking. She wanted answers and to find the truth of who was responsible for Krypton’s death.

With this issue being the first of a new run, it makes a lot of sense that they choose to open the series off by giving us a brief recap of Supergirl’s origin by showing us Kara hugging her parents as her planet is about to die, then Kara boarding her ship on route to Earth. I think that was important to see again as it reminds us that Supergirl did live some of her life on Krypton, making friends and planning her dreams, only for everything and everyone in her life to be suddenly taken away while all she could do is watch. Now with Rogol Zaar, she may finally be able to find out the whos and whys of her planet’s destruction.

This is a very deep and personal mission for Kara and nothing will get in her way, not Rogol Zaar, Superman or even the Green Lantern Corps. Kara seems very determined and focused to find the truth, and when reading this story, I really felt her emotions, and that helped click me into this, and also left me wanting to know the truth.

Where I feel like “The Man of Steel” did a great job setting up the new Superman run, I actually think it may have done just as good, if not better of a job at setting up the events for this new Supergirl story. Kara’s mission is an old flame that was reignited by Rogol Zaar.

This issue does a great job at catching new readers up on the events of “The Man of Steel”, and it’s done in such a way that reading the aforementioned book isn’t necessary which I think makes this issue a great start point for new readers of the character, or perhaps fans of the Supergirl tv show who are maybe looking to learn and read more about their favorite girl in a red skirt with matching red cape.

My favorite part in this issue is the very real and deeply emotional conversation between Kara and her cousin Kal El at the Kent family farm, where Kara tells Kal about her new mission and why it’s so important to her. When Kal tries talking Kara out of going, Kara explains why this wound Rogol Zaar opened hurts her in a way Kal can never understand with Kal having grown up on earth and not on Krypton as Kara had. In this conversation Kara went through an emotional spectrum from sad, to questioning, then into a rage of anger. You can see Kara trying to fight through her feelings, and Kal’s attempt to change her mind. Kara looks at Kal, looks down, turns away, than faces the issue head on as she knows she must follow her heart.

All of this emotion is drawn and colored in such a beautiful way on the panels, from Kara’s well captured facial expressions to the body language that really gives you a sense of what Kara is feeling as she struggles through things like telling her adopted earth family that she’s leaving the planet for a time. I really enjoyed seeing the artistic teams four styles for Kara throughout this issue, including the cover, from her current DC Rebirth suit, to a flashback on Krypton of a younger Kara holding baby Kal El, to the covers suit, which makes Kara look like she’s ready for war. The fourth suit we see Kara in is Supergirl’s new solar collector suit, that looks really cute. It’s basically a tweak on her current suit, but the skirt is blue, she has a golden metal belt, her boots have the same golden trim, and the symbol on her chest shines as it stores the sun.

Ultimately I’m interested in the story, I liked it. It hit on a lot of emotional moments that all felt right and real to the story, especially in Kara’s current emotional state within continuity. I liked the inclusion of the Green Lantern’s in this mission, as it adds an extra level of importance to the task. I love how this is building off the events of “The Man of Steel” and connecting with Superman and Action Comics, while also allowing Supergirl to stand very tall and confident on her own with a mission that is deeply personal to her and is one Superman can never lift the weight of.

With excellent artwork and solid storytelling, what we have here is truly something special that I definitely recommend picking up. So much so that I already find myself wanting to read the next issue right now. Luckily for us Supergirl fans, the next issue comes out in only one month as opposed to the four month break between Issue #20 and this issue #21, and that makes me happier than a flying dog wearing a red cape.

I give Supergirl #21 “The killers of Krypton part 1” a 10 out of 10

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