Suicide Squad #43

Constriction pt 3

Writer: Rob Williams
Artists: Philippe Briones (1-10) and Hugo Petrus (11-22)
Colors: Hi-Fi

Ambushed in the desert by the cult known as Kobra, Batman and Deadshot must survive not only this onslaught but each other in order to save Deadshot’s daughter Zoe. Not far behind is yet another problem closing fast, a problem by the name of the Suicide Squad.

This issue, boys and girls, is the one we’ve been waiting on. This issue is most definitely the turning point in this story. This issue kicks the story into high gear and does not let up off the gas. I swear the first 13 pages of this issue have some of the most intense writing I’ve ever read. Not that the rest of the story that Williams delivers is not good in its own right, but the first 13 pages grabs the reader by the throat and does not let go whatsoever. The banter between Batman and Lawton in these pages is intense to say the least. It also shows the depth of the nature of Batman’s and Deadshot’s “partnership”. The character development for this story is on full display in these pages as well, and it continues throughout the story to the end. Williams presents all of these aspects of the story beautifully through the book, making this the best book in the arc so far.

The art gets a shot in the arm as well from Briones and Petrus. Briones first page of art will capture the reader’s attention from the get go. His use of shading and darker tones for the action sequences at the beginning of the book is brilliant and sets the mode for the scenes greatly. You can definitely get a darker feel of the story at the beginning, and Briones art marries this feel wonderfully. Just as Briones does a great job at the beginning, Petrus knocks it out of the park as well on the back end of the book. There are lighter tones used in this part of the book but it’s no less well done, and it no less pairs with this part of the story. Both artists highlight the characters as far as body features and emotional expressions just beautifully. This is the art that this book deserves.

Intense dialogue, art that is great from top to bottom, top notch action sequences all equal to the best Suicide Squad book I’ve read so far. Trust me you do not want to miss this one.

9 out 10