Suicide Squad #42

Suicide Squad #42
Constriction pt 2
Matt Granberry

Writer: Rob Williams
Artist: Jose Luis
Inks: Jordi Tarragona

Batman and Deadshot are still on the loose after busting out of Belle Reve and are up to the business of finding and rescuing Deadshot’s daughter Zoe from the snake cult known as Kobra. However, right behind them is Amanda Waller’s squad of Captain Boomarang, Harley Quinn, and the newest member of the Suicide Squad: Captain Cold.

This story is not bad by any means, but I found myself wanting a little more substance from the story. It just reads like a good continuation of part 1 with no real surprises or plot twists. Now, again don’t get me wrong, Williams has done a fine job here in his storytelling, and you should still check this issue out, but if I’m being honest with our readers, it just seemed like that extra umph that really sells a story wasn’t there. There is a highlight moment or two with the banter between Batman and Lawton that is really enjoyable. I swear you could have your own series with just those two and it would be great. The Squad lends itself to a good supporting role with a good use of humor in their panels (mostly Quinn) which breaks up the serious tone of Batman and Lawton in a good way. Still not a bad part 2 in the arc by any means, and we can only hope that Williams is just doing a slow build to something that we would never see coming (fingers crossed).

The art of this issue is right on point throughout the story from beginning to end. Luis’ use of the right tones and shades give the art the just right feel. It was not too heavy and dark nor was it too light. It found a very happy medium. Honestly, all of the characters looked absolutely great especially Bats. Luis really got his body features down good. Tarragona did an excellent job with the ink work to round out the art in a great way.

Don’t write off this team just yet. I’m sure they have big plans for us readers as this arc progresses.

6.5 out of 10