Suicide Squad #41 review

Suicide Squad #41
Constriction pt 1
Matt Granberry

Writer: Rob Williams
Artist:Eduardo Pansica

Deadshot’s daughter Zoe has been kidnapped by the death cult Kobra, and he wants to save her. Trouble is, he’s behind bars in Belle Reve, and Amanda Waller has no plans of letting him out. However, Deadshot is about to get some help from an unlikely ally….The Batman.

Rob Williams delivers an excellent, straight forward story with no complications for the reader. Plot twists and shocking turns are great, don’t get me wrong, but it’s nice to read a good foundation story, and this delivers in spades (although there is a surprise at the end…shhh no spoilers here). The dialogue between Deadshot and Batman speaks true to the essence of the story. Two men, two fathers really, not trusting each other but yet having to lean on each other. It will be very interesting how their partnership will develop over the course of this arc.

Pansica’s art is done really well in this issue. It’s not too heavy on the dark tones, but at the same time, the art is not trying to be too light either. It’s found that happy medium that really marries with the story very nicely.

All in all this is great beginning story of this arc, which I’m sure as we go, will be full of twists and turns along the way, but every story needs a good foundation and you’ve got one right here.


7.5 out of 10