Suicide Squad #25 Review

Suicide Squad #25

Written by: Rob Williams
Art by: Giuseppe Cafaro

This issue of Suicide Squad opens with Amanda Waller currently being possessed by the super villain Gulag of the Annihilation Brigade. She is attempting to blow a plane with Batman and Killer Frost inside out of the air. She is quickly brought back by Harley and Katana, who uses her sword to rip Gulag from Amanda’s mind. After this we find out that there are 16 new Suicide Squads, and they’re all on their way to destroy the Justice League.

With task force X back together Waller brings them to the headquarters of the rogue Suicide Squads. Once inside they take down Gulag and make their way to the control room where they find the director dead and all 16 new suicide squads attacking the Justice League. While Waller realizes that they have been spyed on this whole time by Harcourt, Harley sits herself at the computer and detonates all of the brain bombs of the new suicide squads. With Walter furious over this she threatens to kill everybody but when the no one stands down she zaps them and reminds them that they are hers and they don’t get to choose if they live or die.

In the Epilogue, Batman and Killer Frost confront Amanda Waller about what happened they remind her that one day she won’t be able to keep all her secrets to herslef and that there a secret she has no idea about. The last few panels show a space station floating above earth were you see Rick flag and Karin Grace watching everything unfold. Realizing that whatever happened didn’t work that they would need Amanda Waller’s help if they were going to save the original Suicide Squad.

The story in this issue has a lot of great beats about it. I felt that Wiliams really is all about giving you a good perspective on these characters. His style of writing lets you see Amanda Waller’s views about using task force X. As he used Harley to point out that a mind controlled Waller wasn’t much different than the person she already was. It gives you great insight into that even though these are super villains that they have a sense of honor and that Amanda Waller doesn’t understand (or care to).

When Waller finds out that the systems that’s being used are the same ones that she created for her squad, this excites her as does the thought that she could be crontroling and army of Suicide Squads. This also is where he really gives you a great showing of the way Harley’s personality has changed over the years. At the end of the story when Harley kills all the other Suicide Squads by blowing their brain bombs, it really shows how she is more steadfast in her belief that no one should be a slave to anyone else.  Plus this was an “extra-sized” anniversary issue so the inclusion of the original Suicide Squad was fantastic. Also I have to say that the jokes in this book are phenomenal. From Boomerang and Killer Croc to movie references, the humor makes the story that much better.

As for the art in this book, Giuseppe Cafaro has a gritty style that works well for this book. Although it is not my personal favorite on every page this man is amazing with facial expressions especially with Harley Quinn and Captain Boomerang. He just understands how to give these characters emotion where it’s necessary. As for the other artist on this book, Agustin Padilla, I actually enjoyed his art a lot. In particular the way he adressed structures, it is very pleasing to the eye and you get such a sense of depth and size. In my opinion he did a decent job with Batman and killer Frost but his Amanda Waller tended to look a little dead side and was not my favorite. All in all though still solid.