Southern Bastards #20 Review

Writer: Jason Aaron
Artist: Jason Latour
Letterer: Jared K. Fletcher

Jason Aaron and Jason Latour just keep on producing outstanding work with Southern Bastards. This issue picks right up with Roberta, Boone, and Coach Boss all facing off with one another. Roberta has some unfinished business with Coach Boss because he killed her father, but Boone believes Coach Boss’ time is up according to the Lord. There is a tussle between Roberta and Boone because he shot her with an arrow, and it’s here where Coach Boss makes his escape.  It appears Coach Boss may have evaded both of them, but the bell may be finally tolling for Coach Boss.

Coach Boss may be finally getting what he deserves in this issue.  He is on the run from Roberta and Boone and has no help coming.  The sheriff wants nothing to do with him, Roberta beat Materhead to a pulp, and Esaw was knocked out while trying to get rid of a body. For a fleeting moment, it looked as if Coach Boss was going to elude Boone, but Roberta catches up to him and does something very surprising.

I don’t want to give away the ending to this awesome issue, but just know it was well worth the wait. It was just nice to see Coach Boss finally answer for all the wrong he has done. I felt like every time Coach Boss was at his end, he would just find the strength and make it through, but not this issue.  Jason Aaron and Jason Latour have finally seen the light with Coach Boss and his dirty ways. This issue not only highlighted how Coach Boss had no help in this issue, but the fact he may have no help from anyone in the future. The sheriff is done with him and Colonel McKlusky is recovering from a brutal beating that was given to him by Coach Boss. I also enjoyed seeing Roberta live up to her family name, and it was nice to see her be honest about her father. Earl Tubb may have been a great man but he had his flaws, and it was good to see that this was lost on Roberta just because he was her father. This issue closed out a spectacular arc, so pick this up, and be sure to pick up the volume in June if you need to catch up.