Southern Bastards #18 Review

Southern Bastards #18

Writer: Jason Latour
Artist: Chris Brunner
Colorist: Jason Latour & Chris Brunner

Roberta is serving up some good ol’ southern hospitality in issue #23. Roberta is still out on her mission of vengeance, but she also displays her intelligence and toughness in this issue as well. In the first few pages of the issue, Roberta shows just how smart she is.  She kidnaps Eugene, of the coaches for Craw County, and takes him to a motel in Wetumpka County.  She knows that Craw and Wetumpka are rivals, and she uses that to her advantage.  The motel attendant even sees Roberta taking Eugene into the motel room with a bag over his head and he thinks nothing of the situation because he saw the Rebels crest on his shirt. Now, she’s free to torture him, and she does torture him, without any disturbances.

Roberta also displays her toughness when handling Eugene.  Roberta is beating Eugene to a blood pulp, but it can all stop if he tells her who killed her father. No one would dare say the name out loud, and Eugene is no exception.  So, Roberta just continues to pour on Eugene as the issue goes on, and the issue doesn’t end pleasantly for Eugene. We also see her toughness through some of the flashbacks that are in this issue. The flashbacks also show that Roberta and Earl are more alike than either would like to think.

Southern Bastards continues to be an amazing comic.  It may not have the most consistent schedule, but there has never been a bad issue in this series.  It’s usually written by Jason Aaron and drawn by Jason Latour, but Latour does the writing this issue and it is drawn by Chris Brunner.  Latour and Brunner also did issue #12, so this team knows what they’re doing.  Brunner still gives that gritty art style that Latour displays and Latour knows these characters inside and out. This issue is definitely a must have because Roberta’s quest for vengeance seems to be ramping up, and it is not to be missed.