Sonic The Hedgehog #4

Written by: Ian Flynn
Art by: Evan Stanley
Colors by: Matt Herms
Letters by: Corey Breen


This month has been a jammed packed with some great Sonic action. This issue does not disappoint. With Sonic making his rounds to yet another town under siege from Dr. Eggman’s Robot Army, he comes across a new hero in the Sonic Universe: Tangle the Lemur. Ian Flynn also keeping true to the source material and bringing in a character we haven’t seen yet, but fans definitely recognize her, Blaze. A princess from a different dimension and defender of the sol Emeralds.

Although new characters are introduced, and the overall plot is still moving forward, this issue wasn’t as “meaty” as the issues prior. It was all about the action and taking out the Badniks. The collaboration Ian Flynn has with the different artists he’s worked with in this series is absolutely amazing. The visuals of Sonic being able to work with new and old characters in an organized fashion is always great to look at.

And something that became a little bit of norm for this series, we get a “post-credit” scene with someone looking through window blinds, a small panel of a very familiar mustache, and then a full body appearance of Dr. Eggman. We’ve gone three issues with a mysterious figure watching over Sonic and his friends, and this seems to reveal that it was in fact Dr. Eggman. In prior issues, the “post credit” scenes took place in some sort of lair, but this seems to take place in a house of some sort. Is there still someone bigger at large? We will just have to see in the next issue.