Sonic The Hedgehog #2

Written by: Ian Flynn
Art by: Adam Bryce Thomas
Letters by: Corey Breen

Issue 2 opens with Sonic saving yet another crowd of civilians, and Sonic being saved by the one and only Amy Rose. She makes quiet the explosive entrance as she brings the hammer down, literally. Most of this issue is Amy attempting to recruit Sonic back into the Resistance, as well as an awkward back and forth of flirting, which is kind of Amy’s thing, having feelings towards Sonic. In the middle of their back and forth, a civilian warns of another robot attack on the other side of the village. With some awesome teamwork Sonic and Amy were able to successfully stop the attack. Sonic proceeds to let Amy know that he is a lone wolf of sorts and works best alone, “Living by [his] way. [His] own way.” Seeing that she could not change his mind, Amy lets him know that Knuckles was investigating a town to the South. The issue ends with a mystery person in Dr. Eggman’s chair, we have yet to see him/her.

This issue was really fun. As a fan of the video game(s), seeing Sonic fight the same way you expect him to is a real pleaser. I am not to familiar with other reincarnations of Sonic, (Foxbox shows, other comic book series), but I’ve noticed a little bit of arrogance and a bit full of himself. I feel like Flynn might be writing him like this so he may have a coming to terms point that he can’t do everything on his own, which we clearly have seen in these past two issues.

Adam Bryce Thomas’ art on this book is just super nostalgic to me. It really captures the cartoonish feeling of the characters as well as complimenting the action pack panels. I am really looking forward to what he does with bigger issues in the series.