Sonic The Hedgehog #1

Written by: Ian Flynn
Pencils by: Tracey Yardley
Inks by: Jim Amash & Bob Smith
Colors by: Matt Herms
Letters by: Corey Breen

Sonic the hedgehog has defeated Dr. Eggman, but his robot army is still around terrorizing locals. This issue does well with introducing Sonic and his friend Tails that comes in mid fight. After defeating a small army of robots, Tails realizes that these robots were a little more organized than the usual. Sonic chooses to continue the fight against the Eggman army while Tails chooses to step aside and help civilians rebuild, saying he would just slow Sonic down if he tagged along.

This book was fun, of course something colorful and bright. It reminded me a lot of the playful and heartfelt Sonic show from the old Saturday morning syndication Foxbox. The writing stayed grounded and fun for all ages.