Skyward #9 Review

Written by Joe Henderson
Art by Antonio Fabela and Lee Garbett

Of course the first attractive guy Willa meets outside of the city is Lucas, and he has been drinking the crazy juice every morning for breakfast plotting against Mr. Barrow. Joe Henderson definitely pumped the brakes on this issue for the time being. Traumatizing events have taken place back to back for Willa, and I think now is a good of a time as any to catch her breath.

This issue sets the pieces together for a possible love triangle between Edison, Willa, and Lucas, although I question if Willa would now even consider Lucas as someone she could fall for. Willa notices his jealousy and Edison is quick to disregard it. I don’t want to fall into the giant void of assumptions for the future of these characters, but I think I can safely bet that these two will have a love hate relationship throughout this series. If Henderson is going to write this series as good as he did White Collar, most of my predictions will be right until I least expect it.

But for now, Joe is indeed falling into predictable circumstances with what Willa and Edison have to do by the end of this issue. Lucas, the brooding, strong man, hero of Willa’s dreams turned out to be a little bit of a nutcase when he tells Willa his plans regarding Barrow and the City of Chicago. You can’t really blame him though, living the lifestyle he has, for years. With Willa being such a good person at heart, maybe she has what it takes to bring Lucas down and use his survival skills for good and for the sake of everyone, and not just his farmer friends.

With the possibility of only six issues left, what is Henderson’s plan for moving forward with Willa and Edison? Willa clearly found a secret hidden in her father’s journal last issue, but with the situation they are in, that may have to be put on hold for a while until Willa knows her home city is safe.


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