Skyward #8 Review: Old McBarrow had A Farm

Written by Joe Henderson
Art by Lee Garbett
Colors by Antonio Fabela
Letters by Simon Bowland

It’s the ‘ole double cross, or maybe it’s the old double double cross? Barrow Agricultural was planned for success in the coming day’s of G-Day, but there were some unaccounted for mishaps when it came to Earth’s natural evolution when G-Day occurred.

Joe Henderson continues to write a story that completely freaks me out, but I just can’t put down. If zero gravity and large bugs wasn’t weird enough for this sci-fi adventure, the fact that bugs pushed themselves to the top of the food chain breaks the little normalcy this world had left. After bugs fed off of livestock and humans source of food, they became the prime meal of every day life. I mean, I’ve heard of chocolate covered crickets, but eating dragonflies and only God knows what else for your entire life?! Gross. But civilians have no clue. I think it would probably be for the best.

With a new perspective at how she looks at her father’s journal, Willa may have found a few clues on what her father’s answer is to fixing Earth’s gravity. Though very much still a puzzle, Willa is beginning to see how the pieces come together.

Lucas, the very stoic character, is harder to understand compared to the other male characters of this story. By the end of the story you don’t exactly know where he stands. Is he loyal or Barrow? Or is he fed up with the lifestyle he’s had to endure for all these years as a zero gravity farmer? I can’t put my finger on whether he can be trusted or not. As well as a story teller Joe Henderson is, every writer can get caught up in cliches, and Lucas definitely seems like the cliche type to be the stoic, handsome, strong, trusting guy, and take it all from you in a flip of a switch.


You can purchase your copy of Skyward #8 at your local comic book shop or online at the Image website.

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