Skyward #7 Review: How To Train Your Butterfly

Written by Joe Henderson
Art by Lee Garbett
Colors by Antonio Fabela
Letters by Simon Bowland

If there’s one thing Joe Henderson is good at in the process of creating this crazy world, it’s how to push the boundaries on crazy. This issue puts a major focus on the reality that zero gravity is only a small thing to fear whenever it comes to the dangers of post G-Day. Henderson also subtly gives a look into how Willa is dealing with the death of her father.

Other than the tragic issue five, Willa has shown mostly positive and fun emotions throughout this crazy tale. On top of that, bravery. Last issue Willa jumped into the forest to help a random civilian while surrounded by giant man eating dragonflies. Not everyone in their right mind would necessarily do that, but Willa at this point in time would probably have a hard time proving she’s in the right state of mind for most things. Even when confronted in the brave act, she shrugs it off.

The newly introduced character Lucas Serrano confronts Willa claiming she probably didn’t want to survive her attempt at rescuing the man from the train. Willa has always been one for adventure, so jumping into action is almost second nature at this point, and with the lost of her father, the wails of a young girl wanting her father to be saved probably messed with her a little bit. She now knows the hurt of losing a father and felt that this girl should never have to feel that way.

Lucas provides aid to all the individuals who want to get off the train by flying them to the farm that he runs, transporting everyone by giant butterflies. I feel like Joe Henderson may have been motivated by Avatar in some way. Just when I thought dragonflies where the biggest thing Willa and Edison had to worry about, they get attacked by mosquitoes. Giant man eating, blood sucking, mosquitoes. A visually horrifying death in this issue makes me want to carry OFF! spray everywhere I go from now on. By the end of the issue I’m convinced that Willa has the worst luck in the world, but I know it’s all for progression of the story and I’m always down for the ride.

As a little added bonus to this issue, Joe Henderson gives a proper reason why bugs grew to the unnatural size in the world of Skyward.


You can purchase your copy of Skyward #7 at your local comic book shop or on the Image Comics website.

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