Skyward #5 Review

Written by Joe Henderson
Art by Lee Garbett
Colors by Antonio Fabela
Letters by Simon Bowland

As if Joe Henderson didn’t tug at our heart strings enough in issue one, he’s at it again in issue number five. Nate has been a hobbit in his own apartment for twenty years for his fear of the outside since G-Day, but with Edison in danger, Nate feels it’s due to his inability to move forward on his own to save Earth’s gravity. With his lack of experience in the outside world, Nate gets stuck in a zero gravity rain storm, and Willow saves him with her quick thinking. With the family duo back together, they take Roger Barrow and his goons on to save Edison. With their success, came a great sacrifice.

Five issues in and Joe Henderson just wants his Kleenex stock to skyrocket with his finale of “My Low-G Life”. In a relationship of father and daughter, Willow and Nate’s relationship since the beginning has been that of two stubborn adults butting heads. Nate stubborn in his fear and PTSD of Earth’s low gravity, and Willow stubborn in her wanting to break out of her shell and comfort of being in the same city since birth. In the last two issues that relationship is so much more underneath. This issue overall was about the rescue mission on Edison, but it was very much about the relationship between a father and his daughter.

As angry as Willow was about her Father being unable to step outside, she loves him enough to face danger head on to keep him from facing his fears. Whereas Nate, like father, like daughter. Nate may have feared the outside, he may have almost died in the beginning of the issue, but Nate is a father before anything else. In a scuffle with Willow and Roger, Willow is sent skyward towards the exosphere. Nate springs into action, grabs her and tells her he loves her, and hands her his journal before pushing her back into the city as he disappears into outer space. I have mixed emotions about the choice Henderson made for Nate. Seeing him face his fear in the beginning made me believe the future of this book was going to be about both him and Willow learning together about life outside Chicago. That being said, that would have kept some training wheels on Willow, unable to truly explore because her father possibly holding her back. His death as we have seen in many stories throughout history, forces her to grow and stick with the his plans of fixing Earth’s gravity.

There is a reason Skyward has been purchased to make into a major motion picture. Joe Henderson has a brilliant mind, an evil mind, a punch right into the emotions, but a brilliant mind nonetheless. Lee Garbett and Antnio Fabela are still killing it with amazing splash pages and making a beautiful world of Henderson’s mind come to life. With a small cover tease for what is to come next month for Willow, Garbett and Fabela are sure to have fun with whatever crazy world Skyward has in store for us.

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