New Creative Teams Coming to Justice League, Nightwing, and Green Lanterns

Via DC Comics Via DC Comics It’s a big day for DC Comics news as new creative teams have been announced for three of DC’s series! Christopher Priest and Pete Woods will take over Justice League starting with issue #34, Sam Humphries and Bernard Chang will take over Nightwing starting with issue #35, and Tim Seeley will take over Green Lanterns starting with issue #33. Sam Humphries and Tim Seeley will be essentially swapping book, as Humphries has been on Green Lanterns and Seeley has been on Nightwing since the start or Rebirth. In an exclusive interview with, Sam Humphries talked about his time on Green Lanterns, saying “It was incredible writing two newly created characters, and watching them develop into fan favorites as I wrote their stories over the last year… It was very hard to say goodbye.” And in regards to his new venture with Nightwing, Humphries said “Dick Grayson is one of the greatest characters in all of the DCU — he’s got heart, humor, legacy and he kicks ass. That’s why this run is called ‘Nightwing: The Untouchable'”. Tim Seeley talked on Twitter about leaving Nightwing and picking up Lanterns:

Christopher Priest, like Humphries and Seeley, has been on Deathstroke since the beginning of Rebirth. In an interview with DC, Priest talked about the vision for Justice League: “My goal is to treat the Justice League more like a workplace drama. Although we will, of course, still have world threats, nasty villains (including Deathstroke!), and alien armadas, the League’s greater challenge will be to define their place in this new and increasingly cynical age.” Check out these images from Justice League #34:

Via DC Comics



Written by SAM HUMPHRIES Art by BERNARD CHANG Cover by YASMINE PUTRI Variant cover by CASEY JONES “THE UNTOUCHABLE: HUNTERS!” Nightwing finally feels like he’s got his life in Blüdhaven under control. But the one thing he wasn’t expecting was for a case from his past in Gotham City to rear its head here—a murderer he never set eyes on, but whose unmistakable signature has arrived in his new city! How many people will die before he’s stopped this time? Or worse than that…what if Dick can’t stop him? Incoming creative team Sam Humphries and Bernard Chang kick off a story that will take Nightwing back to his days as Robin and force him to question his future as well! On sale DECEMBER 20 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T


Written by CHRISTOPHER PRIEST Art and cover by PETE WOODS Variant cover by NICK BRADSHAW “LOST” part two! Still greatly affected by the shocking events of the previous issue, the Justice League attempts to regain its balance when an alien infestation threatens the Earth. But nothing can prepare them for an attack closer to home…one that will reveal devastating truths about the League itself! On sale DECEMBER 20 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T

Green Lanterns (2016-) #33

Written by: Tim Seeley Art by: Carlo Barberi Cover by: Riccardo Federicci

“WORK RELEASE”! Being a member of an intergalactic police force and the Justice League isn’t easy, but Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz face their most dire threats when they return to Earth and are forced to…get jobs? On sale OCTOBER 18 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T