Ruin World #1

Written by Derek Laufman
Art by Derek Laufman
Letters by Warren Montgomery

The humorous adventure of Rex & Pogo is fun for all ages with mystical creatures, treasure maps, and untrustworthy allies.

Rex and Pogo have a unique relationship traveling to various locations in the search for treasure and goods. Very early on the characteristics of Rex & Pogo were established. Pogo being the stereotypical “scaredy cat” will most likely be used as the comedic relief throughout this book. Rex is the cool warrior, the one who is calm under pressure and the leader of the two. Although we get a pretty good back story and reasoning of why Barri, an assumed old acquaintance of Rex and Pogo, is probably not seen as highly respectable, in the future I’d like to see why Rex doesn’t trust him. If it was a personal situation that Barri and Rex were a part of, or if not trusting people is just something Rex does.

The established relationships and overall world in this story are a breath of fresh air by not wasting time with long and drawn out introductions. It leaves me optimistic about learning more about the characters as more of a B-plot while Laufman tells the main story. Laufman’s art was very easy to follow and each panel flowed perfectly with the consistency of his art. Humor was a fun part of this story, and the art played a big part of it. Pogo and Rex’s facial expressions, as well as the establishing shot panels throughout the story, helped explain the humor without having to use dialogue.

As it’s still unclear what exactly the big over arcing story will be for Ruin World, this fun first issue let’s the reader simply have fun in the moment with easy to understand humor, action, and quirky characters.


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