Review of Project Superpowers #1

Written by Rob Williams
Art by Sergio Fernandez Davila

The supers are back and facing an unknown enemy. The heroes of yesterday meet 2018  in this action-packed issue.

Does the World Need Heroes (with Powers)?

The issue is set in our present, but with a past, that had superheroes fighting for the Allies in WWII. Now all the heroes are dormant. Masquerade was once a masked hero in WWII until she teleported to the present with real powers. Now she is a public figure with a book on her time as a hero. Funny enough her book is Project Superheroes with the cover by Alex Ross. Well played Dynamite.

Masquerade embraces the new world by giving up on it. She accepts the fact that this world is full of fear, evil, and interpersonal conflicts. She can’t solve all these issues on her own. Given who Masquerade is, one would expect her to put on her mask and at least try to make the world a little better.

Yet, some questions that come to mind are: would the public trust her, what would be the consequences of having an enhanced individual operating without proper regulation, and is the world ready again for heroes with powers?

The World Needs SuperHeroes!

As the issue progress, we see the return of superheroes. An unknown event or entity causes the planes over NYC to fall out of the sky. To help in the hour of need, the heroes of the past arrive. Some are not welcomed by the distressed public but do their best to help.

No matter how bleak and catastrophic the state of the world might be, heroes will always come. This issue helps send this message home through Imani Cooper. Cooper is a young non-powered African-American woman on her first trip to NYC and on a plane. She leaps into action to save one of the heroes. In that process, Cooper becomes a hero herself and a key part of the story.

Rob Williams and Sergio Davila give us a good start to Project Superpowers and a character worth watching.


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