Review of Hawkman #3

Written by Jeff Lemire and Robert Venditti
Pencils Bryan Hitch
Inks Andrew Currie and Paul Neary
Colored by Alex Sinclair

Robert Venditti and Bryan Hitch give us another Hawktastic issue of Hawkman! Carter Hall travels to Dinosaur Island for more clues in the search for himself. His search isn’t straightforward and easy given the location.

High Flying Action

In this issue, we see Hawkman battling a T-Rex and Feitherans. Both are no match for the winged warrior. Bryan Hitch does excellent work at drawing the aerial combat for the character. His art shows how much research he conducted for drawing the flight movements.  Feitherans get to see who truly is the master of the skies as Hawkman defeats hordes of them all day long. The ancient T-Rex also concedes to the man of the past.

The Secrets of Hawkman

Robert Venditti keeps giving us more secrets about Carter. We see his signature mace might have a new ability that was previously not present. Feitherans are connected to Hawkman through his past lives. The mystery of Kalmoran is somewhat explained.  A familiar face is revealed and might hold the secret to another clue. Hopefully, we get more answers to the secrets in future issues. All of these aspects provide depth and development for the character that truly him enjoyable.

Hawkman Versus Carter Hall Versus Himself?

Who is Hawkman without Carter Hall? Who is Carter Hall without Hawkman? These questions are central to the character finding who he is. It is a complex similar to other iconic heroes, such as Batman and Superman. The reincarnation through time and space add to the complex by creating a character that must come to terms with all of his past selves rather than just two parts of himself.

Robert Venditti and Bryan Hitch are geniuses at helping to place an iconic hero back at the forefront of the DC Universe. They do so successfully and keep us looking forward to the next issue.


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