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Our Top 7 Scariest DC Villains

Over the years, DC Comics has introduced a ton of villains. Some have been truly fiersome, others have been a tad bit ridiculous (here's looking at you Polka Dot Man), and still some have been legitimately terrifying. In honor of Halloween, here's the 7 bad guys that give us goosebumps .. 

The Supermen of Today: Looking at the Strength of Both Portrayals.

The Season 2 Premiere of CW's Supergirl introduced Teen Wolf star, Tyler Hoechlin, as one of DC's most iconic heroes: Superman. When the first promotional images of this new, live-action, Superman were released, many fans were a bit skeptical of ...

Revolution #1 Review

If you are a fan of G.I. Joe or the Transformers, this one is worth checking out.

The Fix #6 Review

Spencer has a knack for telling these stories that keeps you interested all the way through in a believable enough way that is telling of our society in America.


I am a 28 year old man and I still collect toys.  You can call them collectibles or figures but I prefer toys.  Whether it’s Star Wars, The Power Rangers or even Ghostbusters, you’ll probably find it in my man-child room.  My favorite toys, however, have always been Batman and really anything from DC Comics.

The Walking Dead Vol. 26 “Call to Arms” Review

I have waited to patiently for this trade as the last one left with such cliffhanger that I could barely contain myself with anticipation. As always Robert Kirkman has done it again with story line and character development. I beg you now if you are not caught up on the comic to stop reading now...

The Walking Dead Volume 26 “Call to Arms”

I have waited to patiently for this trade as the last one left with such cliffhanger that I could barely contain myself with anticipation....

3 Takeaways From the Behind-the-Scenes ‘Justice League’ Footage

If the reception of the current entries in the DCEU has made you nervous about the upcoming Justice League movie, this sizzle reel has a clear message: Justice League is different. This footage was released on Twitter last week by Zack Snyder in celebration ...

I Hate Fairyland #9 Review

I Hate Fairyland is everything you love about Pop-Culture references, blatantly obvious innuendos, and the most adorably demented art you can find. I am convinced that this needs to be turned into an adult cartoon and become a wild hit. Skottie Young has turned what I thought would be a short run of fun into a sprawling adventure that I keep coming back to for a great laugh.

Superman #6 Review

In what seems to be a theme in Rebirth, this issue was packed with action and emotion. With great fight scenes and moments that remind us who Superman truly is, along with the fact that he is for everyone.