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TV For Comics

If you have noticed, comics have provided TV with a lot of material as of late. Preacher, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Supergirl, Flash, The Inhumans,...

Detective Comics #965 Review

Detective Comics #965 kicks off "A Lonely Place of Living" with a well-rounded recounting of Tim Drake's path to becoming Robin. This book has depth, conspiracy, heart, and some freakin' fantastic art courtesy of Eddy Barrows.

Action Comics #988 Review

This second entry in "The Oz Effect" misses an opportunity to capitalize on the emotional build-up from the previous issue. Instead, we're presented with a history lesson (albeit an intriguing and beautifully drawn history lesson) about Mr. Oz that, if true, will have major ramifications on Superman's origin story.

Wonder Woman/Conan #1 Review

This book is a good start but could due with a bit of a change in narrative. All in all good base though.

Batman: The Murder Machine #1 Review

The story is amazing as it weaves from one dimension to another pulling the Father-Son theme throughout. The art is gorgeous. I am excited to learn where this story goes after this amazing installment!

Nightwing The New Order #2 Review

This book gets right to the heart of things with an emotional story of Dick Grayson's past and his relationship with his son, Jake.

Justice League of America #15 Review

JLA #15 is a good, solid story with good solid art to back it up and really sets up the next chapter really well.

Batgirl #15 Review

So far, the Summer of Lies arc has really needed some more consistency. It will jump from Batgirl and Nightwing tossing off one-liners to innocent people dying horrific deaths to misplaced romance.

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #29 Review

The story is incredible, the artwork is so totally fantastic and tirelessly great to admire. Get this issue for the conclusion to a great story, and get it just to add it to your collection because it truly is that good.

Detective Comics #965 Review

This issue is the beginning of Tim Drake’s return to our hearts. But let’s be honest, he never really left us.

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