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Batman #33 Review

If this issue is any indication, Batman will continue to be a great book. The combination of King, Jones, and Bellaire will be something great. King has a great grasp on all of these characters and Jones/Bellaire combo will be killer.

Longbox Scavengers #8

https://soundcloud.com/longboxscavengers/lbsp-8 https://soundcloud.com/longboxscavengers/lbsp-8   More Info By Tom Zimm

Titans #16 Review

Whether you’re a Titans fan or not this is a good issue and it is worth a read in fact it’s worth several reads.

Shirtless Bear Fighter #5 Review

In case you didn’t catch the pattern I was going for I really hope these characters come back but in the mean time take a break from superheroes and what not and enjoy this fine piece of its so ridiculous it’s good fun.

Trinity #14 Review

All in all this is still a great story arc to read and it seems to be getting better with each issue so if I were you I wouldn’t miss out on any more Trinity.

The Wild Storm #8 Review

Another stunning chapter in the most bizarrely beautiful "grounded" sci-fi adventure on current comic book shelves is here.

Harley Quinn #30 Review

Harley is back on the campaign trail in full force, but she may be out of the race sooner than we anticipated.

Green Arrow #33 Review

This issue is a a slow down after the gotham resistance tie in. It's a fantastic narrative that shows the reader that Oliver Queen isn't some punk kid. He has people who rely on him and he has his support structure

Super Sons #9 Review

In this issue, the old magician, Kraklow, gains a new motivation. And, a living planet is pushed to the brink by the Super-Sons.

Superman #33 Review

This story sets the groundwork for a larger story that pits Lex Luther, as king of Apokolips, against Superman and his family.

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