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‘Deadpool 2’ Teaser Trailer has Arrived with a Hilarious Twist!

Deadpool and Bob Ross. The mix I bet no one expected to see is exactly what greeted us to our first look at 'Deadpool 2' when the teaser trailer for the film opened up with a hilarious parody of the legendary painting show.

Green Lanterns #35 Review

Pick this up if you don’t mind a non-serious/silly read, and if you don’t, you’re not missing much.

Blast From the Past Reviews: Action Comics #2

The second issue of the Action Comics series is much stronger than the first. It’s full of action from start to end, it shows more of Superman’s powers and abilities and it really leaves you wanting to see more of what this hero can do.

Aquaman #30 Review

Since the beginning of this series, Dan Abnett has put this character through so much, and we've been able to see how it's affected and changed Aquaman. This finale shows exactly where he's landed in his understanding of his role, and gives us a clear idea of what we can expect from Aquaman moving forward.

Dark Nights: The Batman Who Laughs #1

This was the best out of all the one shots for DC Metal.  James Tynion IV knows how to write the Joker and this is further proof of that.

Black Science #33 Review

Black Science #33 has everything you could want in a single issue. It gives you great action sequences, character development, and you’ll definitely feel a tad bit sad, but it’s worth it.

Super Sons #10 Review

One of the most interesting aspects of the Super Sons story has been seeing the influence that their fathers have on Jon and Damian. This story was no exception; it is the highlight of the book. 

Superman #35 Review

The courage of Super Boy maintains me throughout this story. Will this be a coming of age moment for Super Boy?

Nightwing #33 Review

Nicely drawn art married with an action packed story sets up the ending of this arc to the fullest.

Trinity #15 Review

Absolutely great story with great art gives us just a great superhero story from start to finish. 

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