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Heroes Garage Ep. #07 Comic Book Reviews


Heroes Garage Ep. #06 Review of The Punisher


Heroes Garage Ep. #5 Review of Last Jedi


Xenoglyphs Vol. 1 Review

This is a story for everyone to enjoy because it contains action, a good narrative, unique relationships with well-rounded characters, and has a twist of the mystical element as well.  Let’s support this book so we can see these two creators tell their whole story because it would be a shame not see this story told in its entirety. 

‘Venom’ Teaser Trailer Review: Is Less Always More?

These days, we are getting bigger, and bigger trailers, and some of them are even bordering on spoiler territory. Here we are, just over a week since filming wrapped, and we are given our first look at the motion picture, Venom, starring Tom Hardy.

‘Iron Man 2’ Retrospective

Without a doubt, Iron Man 2 is incredibly despised by the public, which is strange considering it's praised by the critics. Is this a...

All-New Wolverine #30 Review

All-New Wolverine #30 is a surprising, yet satisfying, end to what may have been one of my favorite arcs of this series.

Green Arrow #37 Review

This issue was good, a bit of a quick read though. Art was consistent for the most part. Percy’s writing was excellent for this story as well.

Harley Quinn #37 Review

I would highly recommend the current run of Harley comics to anyone who’s not onboard yet. Every issue is a delightful romp. If you’re like me, you’ll have your roommates knocking on your door to figure out why you’re chuckling in no time. 

Justice League #38 Review

Justice League #38 Reviewed by: Mike Bedard Script: Priest Pencils & Inks: Marco Santucci Colors: Alex Sollazzo The Justice League have been banished to various points on Earth after...