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Action Comics #959 Review

In all, I am still interested in the story and will keep on reading. However, I really hope we start to get some answers and the story begins to move along at a faster pace.

New Super-Man #1 Review

Having read most of the DC Rebirth titles out there, I have to say this is contention for my favorite title out right now. I can’t wait to see where this goes, plus the cliffhanger at the end has me foaming at the mouth to see what happens next.

Spider-Gwen Annual #1 Review

As with most annuals, Spider-Gwen is filled with new stories from different creative teams. All of them being tons of fun to read and very lighthearted in nature. Touching on pop culture, social, and paradoxes this is just an all around fun read.

Action Comics #958 Review

We return to the Superman most of us knew and loved, both in form and action.

The Ultimates #8 Review

If you have been reading The Ultimates up until this point it is no surprise that yet again this is a great read. Ewing manages to do a quick intro to the team and gets right into the story. Those of you that are coming in for the tie-in to Civil War II will not be lost in what is going on.

Detective Comics #934 Review

The story here is essentially the groundwork for the first arc with Tynion in charge and it is off to a great start. You can just tell that Tynion loves to write these characters as all of them are just perfect representations of what you expect them to be.

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