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‘Teen Titans: Judas Contract’ Release Date & New Clip

'Teen Titans: Judas Contract' will be available on April 18th on DVD & Blu-ray and April 4th on digital HD.  A clip from the film was also released that teases Starfire's back story.

A Nightwing Movie is Being Planned by Warner Bros!

News just broke that Warner Bros. is planning on dropping a Nightwing solo movie with 'Lego Batman' director Chris McKay at the helm!

Matt Reeves Officially Signs on to Direct ‘The Batman’

After reports of Matt Reeves stepping away from negotiations, it's been reported that he has officially closed the deal and will take Ben Affleck's place as the director of 'The Batman'.

‘Injustice 2 – Shattered Alliances Part 1’ Trailer Highlights

This morning we got another look into the story of 'Injustice 2'. Follow along with us as we discuss the highlights of this new trailer!

Kamandi Challenge #2 Review

So the Kamandi Challenge is a bit different from most comics. So before we get into our first review of this series, here is...

HE-MAN The Eternity War Vol.2 – PopnComics

What a great trade. In this trade, we see the power of a lot of the characters of Eternia. Mossman, Skeletor, HE-MAN, Man-at-arms and...

Justice League of America #1 Review

In so many of its iterations, the Justice League has been composed of the gods of the DC Universe, the powerhouses. In one version...

Detective Comics #951 Review

After last weeks tour of Detective Comics, this week in Detective Comics #951 we start out heavy and fast. Without giving too much away...

New ‘Wonder Woman’ Images & Ares Design Revealed

'Wonder Woman' opens in theaters in just 100 days, and thanks to Empire magazine, we have a some amazing new images from the film. Additionally, the design of the main villain of the film, Ares, was recently revealed. 

Green Arrow Vol. 1 Review

'Green Arrow Vol. 1's' accomplishments in characterization overshadow it's perplexing ending and loose ends to make for a great return of the Emerald Archer; and an enjoyable read for old fans and new fans alike.

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