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All-Star Batman #8 Review

All-Star Batman has been a ton of fun to read so far, with everything from serious to comical going into it. All-Star Batman #8...

Matthew Vaughn Being Eyed to Direct ‘Man of Steel 2’

Today, Collider has exclusively reported that 'Kingsman' director, Matthew Vaughn, is being eyed by Warner Bros. to direct the upcoming Superman stand alone film.

New ‘Wonder Woman’ Trailer Has Been Released!

With a little less than three months away from 'Wonder Woman' finally hitting the big screen, we've got our third, and possibly final, trailer for the much anticipated film!

Aquaman and The Flash Movies Will Take Place Post-Justice League

It's been unclear whether or not the future DCEU films will be origin stories, similar to 'Wonder Womam'. It seems like we have an answer thanks to a conversation between Charles Roven and ComicBook.com.

Mother Panic #4 Review

Mother Panic #4 being part 1 obviously a lot of information still, hasn't been revealed in this particular story. This feel like it is...

Batgirl and The Birds of Prey #8 Review

Batgirl and The Birds of Prey #8 is a bit of a crossover between Nightwing and itself. We open with Nightwing chasing Gemini in Gotham...

Detective Comics #952 Review

In Detective Comics #952 the League of Shadows along with Shiva have finally arrived. Kicking off an action packed issue, we see Ra's Al...

Action Comics #975 Review

This review will be full of spoilers, as I'm afraid that I can't really get into much without revealing who Clark Kent really is....

Joe Manganiello Sheds New Light on ‘The Batman’ Production Status

In an interview with The RI Magazine, Manganiello gave some updates on production status of 'The Batman' since Matt Reeves took over as director.

Aquaman #18

Aquaman #18DC Comics Written By: Dan Abnett Art by: Scot Eaton, Wayne Faucher, Gabe Eltaeb Aquaman #18 is the conclusion of the Warhead storyline. It confirms, that the destruction that was shown...

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