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Detective Comics #940 Review

As I said in a previous review for Detective Comics, this is what transcendence feels like in a comic book, this rings true now more than ever. I thought this team was at it's best before and they just keep proving me wrong each issue, getting better and better.

Batman #6 Review

Six issues of Batman and we are running at full speed, Tom King has set up his world and now gets to play in it. In issue six we get the I am Gotham Epilogue, wrapping up this storyline to move into the next. Gotham Girl/Claire has absolutely lost her mind, after having to kill her own brother she has snapped. We see her flying around Gotham saving the city while still talking to her dead brother Hank.

Spawn Kills EVERYONE! #1 Review

There’s nothing in Spawn Kills Everyone that justifies spending money on it, or even reading it. As a giant Spawn fan, I found it insulting and maddening that Todd McFarlane would want to put out something of this quality. It’s a half-baked idea at best.

Paper Girls #9 Review

Vaughn's writing is just a pleasure to read, paired with Chaing's pencils and Wilson's colors and you have one of the best teams in comics today. In particular the full two page spread of the airship is simply gorgeous. It is no mistake that this book took home two Eisners for best new series and Best Penciller/Inker or Penciller/Inker Team. So here is to another long month wait for #10, do yourself a favor and go pickup this series.

Superior Review

Superior is a comic series written by Mark Millar (yes the writer of Kick-Ass) and illustrated by Leinil Francis Yu. It is published by Marvel Comics under the company's Icon Imprint. A great story with gritty art that really lends to the story.

Rat Queens Volume 1: Sass and Sorcery Review

Rat Queens is a comic written by Kurtis J. Weibe with art by Roc Upchurchand and published by Image Comics since September 2013. This...

Batman #5 Review

Being King's first arc, this feels like a solid beginning to his run, with his slow burn storytelling we really are just getting into the meat of it. Bringing in the JLA to a Batman comic is always a tricky proposal, yet King manages to do it with grace, using them to show how powerful this foe truly is. Ultimately it was not the JLA or even Batman that defeats Gotham, instead of something more astute.

Supernatural: Origins Review

In Supernatural Origins, the story revolves around John Winchester and his two sons Sam and Dean. It is based loosely on the show that is still currently on the CW. There have been 4 Supernatural Comic series of 6 issues each. They are all set before the action in the TV series commences, from just after Mary's death, until the time Sam goes to Stanford.

Detective Comics #938 Review

Quite possibly one of the best Batman comics out right now, Detective Comics has shown no signs of stopping. With excellent characterization of the whole team and delivering a good story to boot. Equally impressive is delivering a quality comic on a bi-weekly schedule, the art continues to amaze.

All-Star Batman #1 Review

This book has been heavily advertised, as none other than Scott Snyder is writing Batman again with an All-Star cast of artists helping along...

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