Postal #23 Review

Postal #23

Writer: Bryan Hill
Artist: Isaac Goodhart
Colorist: K. Michael Russel

Postal continues to be one of the better books released from Image, and issue #23 is no different. This issue explores how everyone is preparing and thinking about the impending war that will take place between Eden and Issac. Mark is thinking about the life that he will never have because he has spent his whole life in Eden, Issac thinks that he can be redeemed through his son, and Chris believes that the people of Eden need to be punished for the crimes they have committed.  Laura, who is the leader of Eden, seems to be doubting herself because she can’t rally the town behind her to defend Eden.

Bryan Hill and Isaac Goodhart consistently deliver an amazing book. Bryan Hill’s writing really allows the reader to dive into the mindset of each these characters in Eden. Mark, Issac, Chris, and Laura are very important to Eden, and Bryan Hill’s insight into each of their psyche’s allows the reader to see how complex these characters really are.  He allows you to see their fears, doubts, and everything else in between. He does a great job of this, but Isaac Goodhart’s art brings it all together. His art has improved every issue, does an amazing job with facial expressions, and it’s brought to life with K. Michael Russell’s colors.

This issue may have been light on action, but it was definitely essential because it lets the reader knows more about Mark, Issac, Chris, and Laura. If you are not reading Postal, please do yourself a favor and pick it up immediately. I have been reading since issue #1 and have picked up every issue since.  Plus, if you haven’t heard, this comic is currently in development at Hulu, so jump on board while you can.