Plastic Man #1

Written by Gail Simone
Art by Adriana Melo
Colors by Kelly Fitzpatrick
Letters by Simon Bowland

From his Mysterious Return in Metal to his grand entrance in The Terrifics, Plastic Man finally gets his solo story, along with an origin.

Eel O’Brien doesn’t have the high moral background like other heroes of his time. This issue introduces the group of thugs he used to run with, and they don’t exactly have the warmest of welcomes. After a few hits with a baseball bat, they walk away, leaving him alone where he meets an ominous stranger that knows him by name. He attempts to solve his problems with hook ups at a gentlemens club, and he was a little too “confident” with a spyral agent that snuck into his apartment. Questions begin to arise when a dead body is found, and the JLA is claimed as the killer.

Gail Simone at the helm of this series makes for a fun read. Although the subject matter is serious, Simone’s Plastic Man knows exactly where the punchline fits. Along with Adriana Melo’s attention to detail as Plastic Man changes his physical form, the creative team knocked it out of the park on this first issue.