Orphan Black: Crazy Science #1

Written by: Heli Kennedy
Art by: Fico Ossio

I am not afraid to admit that I was one of the many who shed a few tears at the Orphan Black series finale back in 2017. I had binge-watched the first few seasons, desperate to find out what was going to happen next, and then spent some agonizing months waiting for the final seasons. And it was very hard to say goodbye to my favourite sestras. So when I found out that IDW was releasing a 5 issue series that continued where the TV show left off, I was very keen to get my hands on it!

Unfortunately my excitement was short lived as IDW announced its cancellation earlier this year based on low order numbers.

I’m definitely confused as to why these numbers were low. Is it too late for an Orphan Black tie-in, almost a year after the series finished? Considering how long fans waited in between seasons, I cannot imagine this to be the case.

The comic book series, titled ‘Orphan Black: Crazy Science’ follows the characters of Cosima and Delphine, who were hugely popular with the Orphan Black fandom. And in this first issue we finally get to see the couple.. happy! Something that only happened for a hot second in the TV series, in between their constant struggle to defeat the Neolutionists and Dyad.

In this issue, we see the mission Delphine and Cosima were headed on at the end of the fifth season; to spread the vaccine against the LEDA auto-immune disease to the other LEDA clones all over the world. In other words, it is very much an organic continuation of the TV-show, there isn’t a huge time jump, and the characters are not in an unexpected scenario. It’s a logical and, to me, exciting way to be able to tie up some last loose ends.

I wish this comic was given a continued run. The art is fresh and fun, doing real justice to the characters and pulling us into the tropical locations our favourite clone scientists are traveling on their mission. The writing by Heli Kennedy, who has written all the previous Orphan Black comics too, has really captured the voices of the characters. During the TV show a lot of the most fun moments were when the clones weren’t on the run and were allowed to just have some ordinary interactions, but due to their constant pursuit, they barely got a chance to do this. Orphan Black: Crazy Science manages to give the characters some breathing room to just be normal people for once, whilst also adding in the suspense that the series has been so masterful at.

I would highly recommend any Orphan Black fans with withdrawal symptoms pick up a copy of the Crazy Science story. Who knows, maybe our cries for more sestra content will make IDW release the rest of this series!


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