Naomi #3 Origin from Left Field

Writen by Brian Michael Bendis & David F. Walker
Art by Jamal Campbell
Letters by Wes Abbott

Just when everything seems to be coming together as what could have been an amazing origin story to Naomi, Bendis and Walker throw a curve ball I feel no one wanted.

The issue starts with of course where we left off, with Naomi & Dee having a deep conversation on who she is, and takes a turn when the truth is revealed about Dee. He is actually (spoilers). In amazing fashion Jamal Campbell’s art tells the awesome story of how Dee made his way to Port Oswego. If Dee ever gets on the radar of the DC Universe as a whole I’d love to learn more about him and his past.

Naomi’s parents show up, pretty furious that their teenage daughter is out so late in an assumed stranger’s presence. Until Naomi’s mother reveals that they do in fact know Dee. In a very long and drawn out conversation, Naomi is taken to the port and in a cave by her father, where he then reveals in my opinion the worst plot twist Bendis & Walker could have put in this story. It’s made me almost uninterested to read future issues. Depending on how long this particular arc is for Naomi, this may be the start of the second act. This issue was the issue DC feels should have you hook line and sinker. And it’s just not that way.

Bendis & Walker had a good build up going for them. It had suspense, the mystery was growing, wheels started to turn and many readers have made their predictions. The end cliffhanger draws out the truth for what or who Naomi really is. I would be willing to bet money that in the end we find out that Naomi is actually just normal. Just a normal teenage girl surrounded by extraordinary beings. Which would be really disappointing and something I would probably have deep regret for attempting to read.

I’m always willing to give these creators the benefit of the doubt and be proven wrong, and since Bendis has been on the DC payroll, he has had my emotions on a roller coaster. This may just be the low point of the first arc, and it may be mind blowing next issue. But I believe my feelings will stay the same until we find out for sure the truth behind Naomi’s adoption and why that specific date was so important to Port Oswego.


You can get your copy of Naomi #3 at your local comic book store, or online at the DC Comics website.