Naomi #1 Review: DC’s new Detective?

Written by Brian Michael Bendis & David F. Walker
Art by Jamal Campbell
Letters by Josh Reed

Superman has saved the day in Port Oswego, and no one knows about it. For the first time ever! But an urban legend says something super happened a long time ago, Naomi is on the case to figure out why no one wants to talk about it. 

Brian Michael Bendis has been pushing a lot of stories out for DC Comics now, and so far they have all been a hit or a miss. Not so much a grey area with his stories. Naomi was fun. It was beautiful. And I am locked in for the ride. Call me crazy, but I believe Naomi will be DC’s Miles Morales. No of course not with spider powers and quips. Miles was special, Miles is special (if you don’t believe me go see Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse). Bendis is great with his diverse characters in comics, Naomi will clearly be special to many.

Naomi is an every day average ordinary girl who seemingly loves Superman, almost obsessed. Probably obsessed. But all for the reasons of him being a great superhero. Naomi and Superman share something very special in their upbringing, they are both adopted. Of course normal citizens only know this because of the analogy of Earth adopting him (not the Kents).  

When Superman crashes through Port Oswego, it makes quite the uproar for the town’s citizens. Events like that don’t happen in the town, it’s no Metropolis, Central City or Gotham. But when Naomi’s friends tell her about the rumors they heard about an event that took place when they were younger, Naomi makes it her mission to find out what exactly happened. 

The layout of this book is just so fun to look at, it seems like now more than ever grid like panels are being pushed in comics. It shows a cool way that time has past, or in this scenario, shows all the people Naomi is questioning for her investigation. Jamal Campbell was a great choice for this book, his art makes each character pop in each panel. Scenery and background are just that, you are drawn to each character in each panel, simply beautiful. 

With the big reveal at the end, you get a small feeling at what Bendis is attempting to do with Naomi. Predictably unpredictable. From what I’ve learned from Bendis joining DC is that you can’t assume where he’s going to be taking these characters. What you can clearly see though, is that Naomi has a past that not even she knows about, and a small connection to her favorite superhero just got a little bigger. 


You can pick up your copy of Naomi #1 at your local comic book shop or at the DC Comics website