Mystery Science Theater 3000 #2 Review

Story: Harold Buchholz, Joel Hodgson, Matt McGinnis, Seth Robinson, Sharyl Volpe, Mary Robinson

Host Segment Art: Todd Nauck
“In-Comics” Art: Jack Pollock
Colors: Wes Dzioba and Jack Pollock

It’s a Mystery Science Mash Up and a two-for in MST3K #2! Jonah joins Linda Turner in Black Cat #2 (Harvey Comics), while Crow heads to a slightly more sinister series from Comic Media!

I’m not sure what it is about reading MST3K (as well as the source material), but I must end every sentence with an exclamation point! This issue is exactly what I personally needed this week! It is campy, funny, and completely ridiculous!

The artwork continues to be my favorite part of this series! Jack Pollock takes over the “In-Comics” portion of this issue and it is perfectly Golden Age! The product placement at the beginning of the issue is all original and yet it looks like it would’ve fit into a Black Cat strip (also, I need to start eating pizza rolls when I read these)! While I love the writing, if the artwork for this series didn’t fully capture the feel of Golden Age artwork, I don’t believe it would be as good as it is. (Yeah, I’m dropping the exclamation point bit. I’m bored of it already. Let’s just move on).

The host segments (Todd Nauck and Wes Dzioba) pop off the page a lot more this issue. I loved seeing Kinga Forrester and Max back in-comic this issue. The thing that made the host segments pop for me, was seeing the difference in the art work from when the pair are in-comic to when they are back on Moon 13. Max was in-comic a little in #1, but they are both actually in-comic for #2, so the differences in artwork for the character was more in your face. I liked the host segment artwork in #1, but this issue just made me appreciate it way more.

I had one worry in the month between #1 and #2; yes, it’s funny, but how do you heighten?! (Haha! I lied! I love this bit! You’ve already checked out haven’t you?! That’s ok, this is for me anyways!) #2 cleared up that worry for me! How do you heighten a Golden Age comic (they’re ridiculous, but it was still 1946 and these were for kids, so a little harder to heighten than shooting your lead character in the head)?! You give us 2 comics! How do you get more wack-a-do than a crime comic?! Horror comic! While Jonah (and some of the bots) are stuck in Black Cat #2, Crow gets sucked into Horrific #2 (I highly recommend reading both)!

My favorite riffs came from Crow’s story (“I shall call you foreshadowing”)! I liked a lot of the Black Cat riffing, but for me, it didn’t quite get the belly laughs that came when I read #1! That being said, it was still really funny, and I did have some real good chuckles (snorts?!… Cackles?!… Guffaws?! I like Guffaws, let’s go with that! See train montage)! When it comes to the writing though, I can’t help but love the running product placement gag! For me, this issues product placement was even better, because it served as a lead-in and not as an intermission! The art and the script were all original, so it felt like bringing Black Cat into MST3K!

From cover to cover (minus the ads), this issue delivers exactly what you want from this series! While the artwork is definitely what makes this medium work so well for MST3K, the writing helps you take a break from the stress of life and just laugh (am I projecting?! I feel like I’m projecting)! Even with it being called out in the issue, the double comic issue is a win for the reader (we all have a little Max in us)! I couldn’t stop smiling while reading this issue, and that’s why I’m now going to end this review and go read it again!