Murder Falcon #1: Second Heat

Created, Written, and Art by Daniel Warren Johnson
Colors by Mike Spicer
Letters by Rus Wooton

The Power of Metal fuels him, but what exactly is he? Inspired by his love of Metal, Daniel Johnson created something so ridiculously awesome, there was no other name he could have given this title. Murder Falcon.

Murder Falcon has everything an 80’s young adult could dream of. Heavy Metal, vans, alien monsters, oh and a giant falcon who draws power from the intense sound of music. From something called “The Heavy” Murder Falcon has chosen Jake and his guitar as a partner to fight The Tear made by a creature of darkness known as Magnum Khaos.

Although I feel like this concept has been done before, whether it be Soul Eater (characters in this series were able to transform into weapons, basically the opposite of what Johnson is doing here) or anything else that may relate. Murder Falcon is simply too fun to make it a valid argument against it. Johnson makes the end goal of this issue to have Jake wanting to bring the band back together, a band he has been away from for a little over a year now. Simply because you can never save the world on your own. With a tease of others like Murder Falcon, it will not be surprising to see the other band members receive their own kind of Metal herald to fight with in the future.

When asked what music he was listening to when writing the first issue, Johnson responded with Racer X, Second Heat, which is also referenced directly in this issue. I myself only had access to Pandora’s heavy metal radio at the time and had fun rocking out while reading the issue. With as fun as this issue was, Jake does seem to have some sort of heavy weight on his shoulders, clearly from his past. We see a confrontation with his former band, but also a girl. More of that is sure to come in the later issues, and Jake can just start having fun and rocking out as well.


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