Mister Miracle #9 Review

Writer: Tom King
Artist: Mitch Gerads

Tom King and Mitch Gerads have the unique ability of taking the most mundane things and turning them into something extraordinary. A perfect example of this was issue number four, when the trial of Scott Free took place in his living room.  A trial taking place in a living room for an entire issue is not supposed to be interesting, right? King and Gerads made it very interesting though, and all it depended on was the great dialogue and the stunning art from Gerads. Issue number eight is about Kalibak and Mister Miracle working out a truce to end the war, but as mundane and boring as that sounds, it’s anything but and is quite exceptional.

Kalibak and Mister Miracle are working on truce to end the war, but it’s the whole process of it that makes it interesting.  The talks between the two of them occur over a week, and so many things take place during the week. Scott and Barda have their loving moments as usual, which are always a sight to see, Scott doubts his ability to negotiate, Kalibak shows his frustrations as well, and Scott meets this man that claims to have known Leonardo Di Vinci. All these take place during the week, and it was nice to see it all.  Scott is the leader now that Orion has been killed, and it can’t be easy to take his place.  This issue illustrates how hard it can be to lead New Genesis because he will have to make tough decisions.  It’s at the very end of the issue that Scott is presented with an offer from Darkseid that catches him off guard.  This offer will give him everything he has asked for including the anti-life equation, but can Scott meet the one demand Darkseid asks for?

This issue wouldn’t be what it is without Mitch Gerads.  He brings it all together when it’s all said and done.  It’s his art and colors that brings everything to life.  One of the best panels in the issue is the side eye look Kalibak gives Lightray after he goes on a little rant for his fallen leader Orion.  It may not seem like much, but it’s little things like these that make all the difference.  Another great panel is that not so innocent look Big Barda gives Mister Miracle when he asks her if she’s drinking bonewine. And let’s not forget the last page of the issue, where Big Barda, Mister Miracle, and Darkseid are giving many different expressions.  Mitch Gerads may have needed a little extra time with this issue, but that’s cool because you can’t rush a good thing.

Mister Miracle continues to be a splendid series, and the ending was something to witness.  If you know just a tad of Scott Free’s backstory, then the ending will make even more sense.  King and Gerads do go over it slightly in the first or second issue.  Regardless, it is still a cliffhanger to behold.  King and Gerads are the dynamic duo of comics right now, and I can’t to see how they bring it all to an end in a few months.