Mera: Queen of Atlantis #6 Review

Written by Dan Abnett
Art by Lan Medina
Inks by Norm Rapmund
Colors by Veronica Gandini

Dan Abnett’s mini series finally comes to a conclusion with this issue, but at the same time sets up another conclusion in Aquaman #38. You will get some closure with this issue but not complete satisfaction.

This issue is basically one long fight between Mera and Orm with the crown of Atlantis on the line, but at the same time, it has quite a bit of dialogue in it to satisfy those who want an actual story to go along with all the action.

Abnett is quite purposeful with how he crafts the unfolding of the battle between the two of them. Throughout the fight, Abnett presents Mera as the noble warrior she is. While Orm is determined to fight and deliver the killer blow from the outset, Mera is trying to appeal to his softer side and how he has left a family on the surface and really pulls at his emotional strings. As the fight progresses, we see Abnett’s intentions – Mera will always seek the path of least resistance, but the moment that is not a viable option, she will do what her Xebellian warrior upbringing taught her – win.

While this mini-series has been hit and miss for many fans of Mera because of its seemingly directionless narrative, it seems that Abnett has finally managed to show us something worthy of seeing: Mera’s true level of power. Mera fans should find this issue quite satisfying because it really does highlight how suited to nobility she really is.

The art in this issue is no different to the previous five issues that preceded it. It is near flawless, and this is because Medina, Rapmund and Gandini complement each other so well. Medina really captures the spirit of Mera with his pencils, and Rapmund brings those pencils into sharp focus with his controlled inking. Gandini’s colors are so good because she really manages to bring Mera to life with her choices, and this is despite the darkness of the events that are taking place.

If you love Mera as a character then you need to pick up this final issue because it really is a moment where a line in the sand is finally drawn if you can pardon the pun. If you do pick this up then you should also pick up Aquaman #38 as it directly leads in to the Corum Rath conclusion that is also out today.

7.5 out of 10

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