Leviathan #1 Review

Writer – John Layman
Artist – Nick Pitarra
Colourist – Michael Garland

Sometimes all a comic needs to get that strong initial following is a great cover. Of course it’s even better when the artwork within the book and the story itself are just as intriguing. Leviathan issue one excels at depicting bright visuals when it comes to the titular creature, however, the initial establishment of the key characters is lacking nuance. For instance, Ryan and his friend Johnny fit the archetypes for the most common teenage characters. They love to party, but beyond that there’s no complexity to them. The immediate demise of a love interest plays out like a contrived monster story cliche rather than adding stakes or a sense of emotional consequence.

It is too early to tell where this story is heading. It could be a simple Military mechs vs absurdly large beasts scenario. However, there is always the possibility that the writing in the next issue completely changes my outlook of the series and impresses me as much as Pitarra’s art has. The Leviathan’s appearance and blasts certainly stood out to me in this first issue, as the usage of the different shades of red, yellow and orange made each panel featuring it a more striking visual.

I’m curious to see if the next issue chooses to delve more into the personalities of the hobo, the goth, the general and the priest. Or if the sole focus of the story is the battle between the army and the Leviathan. Overall, I enjoyed the beginning of this story enough to give the next issue a chance.


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