Justice League #5: Legion of Doom Part 1 Review

Writer: James Tynion IV
Pencils: Doug Mahnke
Inks: Jaime Mendoza
Colors: Wil Quintana

Spoilers ahead!

We get a very special episode of Justice League in this week’s issue. Instead of focusing on the Justice League, we follow the footsteps of the Legion of Doom. More specifically, we gain insight into what Lex Luthor’s ultimate plan has been since the beginning of this new arc. Luthor looked into the future and realized what he must do in the present to bring humanity to its fullest potential (at least from his perspective).

Cheetah and Black Manta get a little short-handed in this issue. To be honest, they haven’t had a whole lot to do this entire arc. But Lex, Grodd, Sinestro, and Joker get their moments to shine. In Joker’s instance, he managed to make a disturbing impression without even really appearing.

This is an issue built around horror. The full extent of Luthor’s plan can be seen in the glimpse we get of the future where all the residents are giddy to be annihilated. They all learn Luthor has succeeded, and it seems as though something much darker is about to make its way into the world.

I really enjoy this format of giving the villain a chance to shine. With a property like Justice League, a lot of the attention tends to go to the heroes and ensuring everyone gets a chance to do something. It’s nice to get an issue from the villains’ perspectives, and although the villains aren’t empathetic, the disconnect just makes them all the more terrifying.

If I had one tiny quibble with this issue, it’s the final line of “$%^& Justice. Side with Doom.” It’s not a bad line, but the censorship does take a little of the oomph out of it. It’s also unfortunate in that it’s coming on the heels of the Titans trailer where Robin says “F*ck Batman” (only censored for the site) in the most grim-dark tone possible.

Overall Score: 9/10

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