Justice League #37 Review

Justice League #37

Writer: Priest
Pencils & Inks:  Philippe Briones
Colors: Gabe Eltaeb

I love Justice League arcs where the League has to go against the American government. When done right, I find these issues often lead to interesting, important conversations about what a superhero’s role is supposed to be in the universe of the comic. This arc, The People vs. Justice League, adds a unique wrinkle to the mix.

In the last issue, we saw a copycat Batman murder a politician who questioned the League’s reach. In this issue, we learn that this is no ordinary copycat. In fact, it’s the League’s biggest fan.

This super fan kidnapped Simon Baz, but he’s able to rip the cerebral inhibitor from his neck to regain control of his ring, but his escape is too little too late. The fan has accessed the League’s Watchtower. He tries to silence another League naysayer only to discover it was an elaborate trap conducted by Wonder Woman and Aquaman.

Just when they think they have him caught, the League faces an interesting quandary. What should they do with him? He knows too much. That conversation will need to take place at a later time because the League inexplicably beams up in the last panel.

Whoever this fan is, he’s a great foil to the League. He has the best qualities of a great villain. In his mind, he’s helping the League. He’s killing anyone who wants to limit their power. But what exactly is his overall goal? We’ll find out next issue, and I, for one, am looking forward to it.

Out of 10
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