Justice League #21 Review

Written by Jorge Jimenez and Scott Snyder
Pencils and Inks by Jorge Jimenez
Colored by Alejandro Sanchez

In Justice League 21 we find out what the cost of winning means, what the cost of reforging our Multiverse into a Utopian society is, and we learn if that cost is one the Justice League is willing to pay. But as the story unfolds we also discover if there’s another way to reach justice without falling to the hands of doom.

Justice League #21 is a more condensed and straight to the point story than what we just saw in the world building issue that came before this. We start this story out inside the pocket dimension that serves as Superman’s prison. It’s a mostly dark and empty place and the more Superman struggles to escape the weaker he becomes. It’s here that The World Forger who was has disguised himself as the older Superman reveals to Clark the reason he’s here in every possible future, but it’s Superman who dooms the multiverse to be deemed unworthy at the Multiversal banks of judgement, so it’s here Superman shall remain.

The middle of this issue features a look into the future of both Gotham City and that of the Bat Family’s fate. We don’t get a very detailed view of the Bat Families future but it’s a fun playful mention that I enjoyed reading. It’s here in this future Gotham that we see a happy Bruce Wayne as here he feels a sense of peace that only lasts for brief moments in our time. I also get the feeling that Bruce likes the idea of this future coming to be, and I think tempting Bruce to make the choices to get here is why he’s being shown this potential future.

The big reveal of Justice league #21 is the identity of the older Superman and why he’s showing the League this future and tempting them to steer the course of events to get us here. As The World Forger reveals the path they must take we find out that his path towards justice will require the League to give in to Doom conquering all who disagree, but as the League discuss their options and course of action, they all decide that isn’t a price their willing to pay. Well all but one, but you’ll have to read to find out who.

I enjoyed this issue as the second part of a very fun and interesting story arc as I feel this chapter has expanded the overall Justice League run in a big way by introducing The World Forger, a character that was mentioned in Dark Knight Metal. He is said to be the one who forges Multiverse’s and decides which to extinguish. He left that task up to his drag we know as Barbatos, and in that story it was said that Barbatos killed the World Forger so I’m curious to see if that will come up down the road. Another big reason the World Forger is supposed to be so important is that he is a brother to both the Monitor and Anti Monitor and is the first son of series eventual big bad Perpetua. I think the creative team did a good job on the character and his motives and his design is actually pretty cool too.

Overall I enjoyed this issue and like the path we’re on. The stage is becoming more clear as many questions were answered and at the end, and we’re left trapped with many questions that I look forward to exploring. The world that Scott Snyder and Jorge Jimenez have created is one worth taking a deeper look so I truly hope to see more of that shown to us in the issues to come

I give Justice League #21 a 8 out of 10