Justice League #11: Drowned Earth Part 2 Review

Writer: Scott Snyder
Art, Colors, Cover: Francis Manapul

Spoilers ahead!

Justice League’s Totality storyline has taken a back seat these last couple of weeks for the special event Drowned Earth. I didn’t think much of it until this last issue, which features a full-page drawing of the movie version of Aquaman played by Jason Momoa. That’s when it hit me: Drowned Earth must be a tie-in for the upcoming movie. It’s normal, and I have nothing against that inherently, but I may not have minded it as much if they didn’t put a far more interesting story on the back burner to do this thing.

Superman, Flash, and Mera look for an ancient weapon while Aquaman and Wonder Woman descend into the Graveyard of Gods to find Poseidon, who was killed by Cheetah. If that sounds like an awful lot of hullabaloo, well, it is. This issue just isn’t as sharp as in the recent past. There is a lot of clunky dialogue, including a moment from Black Manta where he gives an old-school supervillain speech with a ton of exposition.

The artwork is phenomenal is always. The more cartoonish flashback sequence in the beginning in particular was great to see. Ultimately, the issue spreads itself too thin. There’s a part where Aquaman and Wonder Woman run away from a three-headed dog for a panel, and then they just kind of move on. If Drowned Earth is indeed a tie-in for the Aquaman movie, then it would be great to have more time with Aquaman himself to get people hyped on the character.

It does end with a nice cliffhanger with the Legion of Doom teleporting into Batman’s lair. It seems as though things will return to the previous storyline, and hopefully Snyder can make good on the teaser that was the Batman Who Laughs.

Overall Score: 5/10