Justice League #10: Drowned Earth Prelude Review

Writer: Scott Snyder
Art, Colors & Cover: Francis Manapul
Letters: Tom Napolitano

Spoilers ahead!

The Justice League is divided, attempting to figure out where the Legion of Doom went. However, the Legion of Doom and all the developments made there with the Batman Who Laughs take a backseat in this issue. Instead, we’re treated to a group of invaders that want to drown the Earth in a prelude that will lead to the big event coming out October 31st.

Poseidon was killed in the previous issue of Justice League, and now Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and Firestorm have gone to inspect what remains. It’s there they encounter a Space Kraken (great name) that transports Aquaman to another realm. The artwork done for the Blood Reef is simply beautiful. Seeing these imposing figures riding atop creepy seahorses is a sight to behold. Then we get to the flood itself, which transforms people into monstrous sea creatures.

This issue does its job well of getting the reader hyped for the next issue. No real progress is made tracking down the Legion of Doom. Hawkgirl, Green Lantern, and Martian Manhunter have gone off to Thanagar Prime, but none of them even get a chance to speak. It’s simply a prequel to build anticipation for the next issue, and it ends encouraging the reader to pick up the next issues of Aquaman and Titans as well to get ready.

If there’s one thing this issue left me with, it was the need to see more. I want to know more about the invaders. With their awesome designs, I hope they come with equally awesome backstories. I want to see Superman and Flash do more than just fruitlessly search for the Legion of Doom. I’m certain the next issue will deliver in spades. I trust Scott Snyder implicitly at this point. This issue just serves to whet your appetite while tantalizing bigger things to come in a couple weeks.

Overall Score: 8/10

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