Judge Dredd Under Siege #2

Written by Mark Russell
Art by Max Dunbar
Colors by Jose Luis Rio
Letters by Simon Bowland

Patrick Swayze Block has a mutant infestation, and Judges Dredd and Beeny must team up with the local criminals to survive.

Unfamiliar with other Judge Dredd books, Under Siege seems to have similar traits to the 2012 Lionsgate movie Dredd. Which in all honesty probably can’t be helped. With this series first couple issues, Mark Russell is sure to capture readers with this action packed story with a new aspect of emotional attachment of a known follower to a local crime lord. This issue focused heavily on flashbacks of Tiger Whitehead, a woman who is seen as the Mayor’s right hand, showing how and why the people of Patrick Swayze Block and herself follow the Mayor.

The similarities of the most recent Dredd film in these first two issues made it very “Hollywood” and keeps me from expecting too much for the rest of the series. For those who love the character, I completely understand the demand for this series. The last time I read a Judge Dredd book was back when Michael Carroll was attached to the title, so hearing about the release of this series made me excited to be able to get in touch with the character again. Mark Russell has plenty of time to move this book in a great direction in untouched territory.

I enjoy the artistic approach of the Under Siege series so far. The very deserving mature readers label, the dark colors and grittiness is what Judge Dredd is known for. Max Dunbar has done his job with keeping me engaged with each panel, but some of his character models are not always consistent throughout this issue. In some panels his art looks very John Romita, while in others are clearly his unique style. With the majority of this book having panels in close quarter settings and having large quantities of people in them, I can understand the overwhelming conditions of this issue. I myself don’t know Max Dunbar’s work other than with this series, so I’m look forward to seeing how evolves over time.


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