Isola #6 & Prologue Review: A steady return to the Journey to Isola

Written by Brenden Fletcher & Karl Kerschl
Art by Karl Kerschl & Msassyk
Letters by Aditya Bidikar

Isola left readers with many questions before going on its small hiatus, and now that Isola has returned, no questions have been answered.

I can understand coming back into Isola in a slower pace, it gives the reader time to reflect on past issues, and will help prevent any confusion, rather than just jumping in at random action or important plot points. Not much happened in this issue. The only memorable event in the issue was Olwyn’s hallucination revealing her mother. It could be seen as a simple tease at more of Olwyn’s past, but for a split second Olwyn’s mother is seen with a very familiar face mask. With the little we see from her mother, I’m starting to see a pattern with Olwyn’s family, and it’s not a good one.

It is a bit hard to avoid spoilers in this issue because of how short this issue was. So please, if you have not read it, you have been warned. Rook and Olwyn stumble upon a camp near their own, Rook immediately recognizes it as a battalion of their own people. With the kingdom looking for Rook (assuming she is the reason of Queen Olwyn’s disappearance [if you have read all of the prior issues of Isola, you know the truth]), she infiltrates the camp hiding her identity as much as possible in the search of supplies.

Rook is able to get  the supplies and that’s it. No scary beast destroys the camp, no one of high authority finds Rook, that’s just it. The end. And I was a bit disappointed. The return of one of the most beautiful books I’ve ever read, and my expectations get shot down. 

Although the short issue bothered me, it gave me more time to just stare at the amazing art by Kerschl and Msassyk. I almost would like to see what they could do in a superhero comic, but Isola is just their “element”.


As to my surprise, free with every copy of Isola #6 came the Isola Prologue. Even with this prologue being several pages shorter, it gave so much more in compared to issue 6. This prologue shows a little more background on Olwyn’s brother and how he interfered with political affairs. It gives reason to fear the hunting clans, but also shows at one point they were not just mere savages like we’ve seen in previous issues of this title. Olwyn also looks for a new Captain due to (spoilers), where she shares details that she has known Rook since childhood. 

There is also a tease at the possibility that there are other animals that are in the same state as Olwyn is in currently (human stuck in an animal body). I may be looking into the issue a bit too hard, either way this prologue was a great addition to the story of Isola. 


You can find your copy of Isola #6 & Isola Prologue at your local comic book shop or online on the Image Comics website.